Nomi Drory

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Mon Ton Window

Spring Collective

Artists: Nomi Drory, Shirin Divanbeigi, Lulu Ladrón de Guevara, Christine Peterson.


OUTsideIN is a multi-media work that seeks to explore the correlation between projection and reflection as a way of seeing. It was installed in December 2013 in the Mon Ton Window Gallery, a plate-glass store window fronting what was the studio space of artist Rochelle Rubinstein on College Street in downtown Toronto. I helped to produce this project along with members of a collective, comprised of four different women from four different continents, including me and the mixed-media artist Lulu Ladrón de Guevara, multi-media artist Shirin Divanbeigi and photographer Christine Peterson. (We later called ourselves the Spring Collective.)



To begin the project, we shot a video through the store window of the streetscape, shooting buildings, passing cars, streetcars, pedestrians, etc. Afterwards, we affixed Mylar screens -- which we had cut into the shapes of various objects found outside and inside the studio -- onto the inside of the window. During the day, natural light projected shadows and reflections onto the prepared Mylar screens. During the night, our video of the streetscape was projected from inside the studio onto the screens. Nighttime viewers observing the video stood in the same spot that the daytime video had captured, experiencing the eerie sensation of knowing, but not quite knowing, what they were seeing.