Nomi Drory

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The Joys of Winter


With The Joy of Winter, I continue to explore the potential for discord and harmony resulting from bringing together traditional and new media. The inspiration for this work was spontaneous: It began with a walk I took along my street in downtown Toronto on a very cold wintery day. Fire and emergency trucks were parked by the curb side, and a group of neighbours had gathered to watch workers attending to electrical wires. There was a feeling of uneasiness in the air. The scene and atmosphere inspired me to create a multi-media work that would capture and express something of the anxiety of urban life. On the spot, I shot a short video of the emergency truck lights. I then took a photo of the trees and electrical lines. From the photo, I created a charcoal drawing on a 15” x 60” canvas. I then projected on top of the drawing the video that I had taken of the flashing emergency truck lights.